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That’s right! For $25,$50,$75, and $100 You can have a mystery plant package! Each plant would be hand selected by yours truly!

For a $25 Combo You’ll revive 3-5 Assorted plant bundles.

For a $50 Package you’ll revive 5-8 Bundles! Along with some portion cups!

For a $75 Package you’ll receive 7-9 Bundles and assorted portion cups!

For a $100 Package you’ll receive 8-11 Bundles of plants along with 5-8 Portion cups, and 2-3 Clumps of Free terrestrial moss!

Depending on what season your order sone plants may or may not be available due to the climate! On packages $50 and Up there is a chance for duplicate plant species however the most duplicates that would occur would be 4 Bundles or 4 Portion cups of the same species

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message!

$25 Beginner plant Package!

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