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All sales are final. I do not accept returns. If your package is damaged or there are missing contents, let me know. I will file a claim with USPS (My shipping provider), and send you a full refund.


Below is a list of common reasons if your claim may be rejected and things I don’t approve refunds for. Minor Leaf damage or discoloration

Shipping related Stress. Plants will recover

Shipping damage

File a Claim through USPS for an instant insurance refund

Plants removed from original packaging

Take a photo before removing plants from the package. Once plants are removed from the packaging. it is the customer’s responsibility

Algae and Snails

I make it my priority to remove all snails/Algae from your plants I may miss a pest or strain of algae. If I miss a pest, or piece of algae please do a bleach dip to ensure your plants safety.

Weather related damages

(Please check your local climate to ensure that your order will arrive safely without any climate damage) If the weather is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, I recommend purchasing a heat pack to ensure safe arrival.


I am not responsible for any shipping damages to your hardscape!

 If your package or hardscape has been damaged please let me know. Send me pictures in the contact form down below and I will file a USPS claim giving you a full refund.


All of my Hardscapes have been legally collected, and sanitized for your safety!

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