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The King of Red Plants :Alternanthera Reineckii

Alternanthera Reineckii (AR) ( Try saying that 5 times) is one of the hardiest red aquarium plants. Other more finicky plants like Ludwigia Repens or Rotala Blood red can give you that perfect exact red shade you desire, but why spend all that time and effort when you can plant your AR and sit back and enjoy it while everyone else fusses with the persnickety plants. 

Another reason to grab some AR is its versatility. AR can be left alone to grow upright and tall or can be trimmed at lower base levels to resemble a red carpet or red midground bushes. In addition to growing in submerged states, AR can be grown out of water like the majority of aquatic plants.

How to grow Alternanthera Rieneckii 

AR doesn't require Co2, Aquasoil, or High-tech lighting. Even without those features, AR will still be red! AR is a heavy root feeder so it does love a nice nutrient-rich substrate. By having a nutrient-rich substrate your AR will grow 10X faster, stronger, and healthier. AR doesn't require high-tech lighting at all. Now the higher the lighting the more compact AR will grow and vice versa. The range of temperatures I've personally kept AR has been 68-82 degrees F. 

Bonus Fact

Fun fact if you can keep the humidity levels high ( 90% +) for growing the majority of aquatic plants the leaf structure will remain the same as if they were grown submersed. (Watch how I use some of my aquatic plants as emersed plants in my Jungle Paludairum Here: ) 

Down here is a picture from one of my emersed bins of AR

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