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Vallisneria Nana Daly River is one of the rarest Vallisnerias known to mankind. Vallisneria Nana Daly River is a fast-growing heavily spotted Vallisneria with a red and yellow hue, unlike any other Vallisneria. Just like its cousins Vallisneria Nana Daly River, it's a fast-growing carpeting plant that is super easy to grow! 


Exclusively originating in the Daly river of Australia, Vallisneria Nana Daly river is a rare species of Vallisneria that most aquarists strive to add to their collection. 


Size Per order: 2-3 Mother Stems
Lighting: Low-Meduim
Substrate: Needed
Temperature: 69-82 
Difficulty to keep on a scale of 1-10: 3.5
Color: Dark brown with Black Spots
Species of plant: Vallisneria Nana Daly River
Co2: Redomended (Not required)

Vallisneria Sp Daly River

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